Fowled out
[Robert] Wilonsky is on the way out. Sources in Washington, our nation's capital, report that the Observer is going to release the reporter for his four-letter word usage ["Pssst..." November 13].

Ken Hurrington
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Wilonsky, psychoanalyzed
Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about places, and small minds talk about people. You read the November 13 article concerning the Cowboys, and I'm sure you will agree it leans toward the latter. Respectfully speaking, the author is self-centered and rebellious. Try to portray your attitudes respectfully.

We often wonder why there are so many problems in the world today, yet we fail to see that all of the problems are rooted in self-centered behavior and rebellion against such behavior.

If you want to do something to make the world a little better, use your platform to lead by example and treat others with respect whether they deserve it or not. Disrespect for others shows how little respect you really have for yourself, and this in turn is a result of (and results in) self-centered and rebellious behavior.

It is so easy to do as I ask, so can you overcome a rebellious nature to make our small part of the world a little better?

R. Brown
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Chomp, chomp
Once again, Laura Miller has firmly planted her teeth in a meaty issue, the new arena deal ["Flying blind," November 20]. Until her recent return, I hadn't realized just how much I had been suffering from her "post-departum" depression. This arena deal stinks so much, I can smell it all the way out here in DeSoto. It just doesn't seem like too much to ask the principals to put all their cards on the table and let the local citizenry make an informed decision. Regardless of how futile this may all seem, Laura, keep up the good work.

Art Tedeschi
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Thank you, Laura Miller, for continuing to expose the rotten arena deal. I know that our city fathers would be having a much easier time of it, if it were not for your publishing the truth. I know that we will be bombarded in the coming months with slick ads and promotions for the new arena. While the city touts the benefits of the new arena, I wonder if they have considered what the new hotel and rental taxes will do to our convention business, which, I suspect, brings in more money than the Mavericks and Stars combined. So, here's to hoping that the citizens of Dallas recognize a bad deal when they see it and tell the greedy owners no deal!


Arkansas hype
The Lubbock arena may have been built with private funds. However, whether "it would become the finest arena on any college campus in the United States" [Letters, November 13] is quite subjective. Also, it is not "the only campus-bound arena with those all-important skyboxes."

Mr. Peter C. Welpton should get his facts straight about college campus arenas, and the Observer should check out all claims of "finest in the country" and "only arena with skyboxes" before you publish these false claims. Let me add that the University of Arkansas opened Bud Walton Arena (definitely on the University of Arkansas campus) about four years ago. It was built at a cost of about $32 million. (Aside: Why will the new arena in Dallas cost $230 million?) Walton Arena was built entirely with private money, because state law dictates, and the people of Arkansas were never even asked to contribute public money to the project. The University of Arkansas claimed at the time that the arena was the only on-campus arena with skyboxes. Television announcers often said that the arena was the finest in the nation. How about that, Mr. Welpton?

Tell Laura Miller to stay after the millionaire arena bandits--let 'em build it with their own money. If you rob a man with a gun or with a pen, he's just as robbed.

Jay Kimmerly
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A life unobserved
Please do a follow-up story about this ["Nobody noticed," November 13] and let us know what you find out about the family papers that are in the possession of the Cox man who started searching for Miss [Marilu] Dennis. How could he have gotten the papers?

Thanks for the story.
Joe Sheets
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The Rotten Apple
I completely agree with Jimmy Fowler ["Cool city blues," November 13]. As an ex-Dallas actress now living in New York City, I am getting to the point of being boring in my praise for the theater in Dallas. I enjoyed my time immensely in Dallas, met an entire community of truly lovely people, and found as much or more variety in the theater there as I had found in my 10 years in Chicago.