Choking on cheese
I would like to commend Robert Wilonsky for his provocative expose of Paul "Mouse" Millender ("Mouse," April 4). It was ingenious of Wilonsky to refrain from asking one difficult question. "Mouse" Millender benefited from the wonderful public-relations service provided by the Dallas Observer.

Why is the attack of an ex-skinhead newsworthy? The Observer successfully insulted readers with the sob story. Although the entire article was garbage, the most revolting aspect was Mouse's dilemma of a name change and humorously suggesting it should be "black or Jewish." It is clear that the Observer is no longer concerned with journalism, but the verbal masturbation of extremists. Robert Wilonsky should stick to musical criticism, despite his lack of insight, rather than portray fascists as heroes or victims.

Erica Chorley

We like sarcasm
Michael "Corky" Corcoran is the greatest pop-music critic of all time ("Big balls," Music, April 4). He's the one who first told us AC/DC was better than the Rolling Stones because the Stones used horns (such elegant logic overwhelming any rebuttal). He also told us Iggy Pop was the greatest performer he'd ever seen, and I'm so grateful for that hip tip. Corky even declared Hank Williams to be the great songwriter (but does he know that Ol' Hank bought songs from down-on-their-luck acquaintances?).

In this era of revisionist history, where even Dick Nixon is seen as a great patriot, we now have Corky-come-lately to drop some musical knowledge on us. The Beatles, the Stones, the Who? AC/DC tops them all. This is an April Fools' joke, right?

George Woodson

In brown and white
Once again, the Dallas Observer shows its ignorance. For an alternative paper, you have nothing relevant to say about Latinos, our culture, and our politics ("The Unbearable Lightness of Victor," March 28).

What peeves me most is your highfalutin reportage that passes as analysis or investigation. Week after week, you report on minority politics, minority scandals, and minority culture (art and food) as if you know anything about it. Just because you consume us doesn't mean you respect us. Too many greasy nachos, maybe.

In the meantime, Latinos are the historical and cultural force behind Texas. Si, it's high time we got into politics. If Victor Morales is not good enough for you, don't vote for him. Protestas too much. So how many lightweight gringos have become politicians anyway? And you have the monopoly on excellence? I don't think so.

Forget about Victor. We Latinos are voting for him in spite of you. And--perdoname--Victor is only the beginning.

Barbara Renaud Gonzalez

Dying to help
God help us all! I just read your article "Wish Woman" (April 4) about Linda Terrell's (Wishing on the Lone Star Inc.) efforts to grant dying persons' last, greatest wishes, and I'm sick, sick, sick and tired of this!

I applaud Linda's efforts toward helping those on whom modern medicine has given up. I applaud those whose final days are filled with so much hope. I applaud everyone but the hierarchy in the "medico monastery" that fails to bring the masses of dying humanity a real cure for the cancers and diseases they have been promising for decades. "My people die for lack of knowledge."

Roger Shuffield

Of right and wrong wings
OK, enough of the Molly Ivins bashing already! It's a typical reactionary wrong-winger tactic to slam persons instead of the issues and facts, 'cause they are wrong and can't possibly win a battle of wits when they come unarmed and are only filled with hate. They hang on every distorted word of Rush Limbaugh, and then just throw catch phrases like "real journalist" and "leftist hatemongering" at those who dare to speak alternative opinions. There is no such thing as leftist hatemongering, as the wrong-wingers have cornered the market on that and dared to claim it as some kind of family value.

I'm not attacking the last few letter-writers personally, because it's obvious they're pathetic. Let's just go with a few facts: Molly didn't get a "well-deserved dismissal," it's a petty spat from the Fort Worth daily. Ol' Joe Bob can talk freely about body count, titty count, and multiple aardvarking, and yet Molly is talking about the state legislature aardvarking us with our own money, and somehow this is wacko?

Molly doesn't need me sticking up for her; she'll be printed and widely (and deservedly) read, and hopefully back in the Observer again. I know these last few letters don't speak for the city as a whole, and sadly, neither do I. It's pathetic and nasty, and it's called America, and with all its problems, you don't see people leaving.

Charles Rick

The cover photo for the story "Mouse" (April 4) was taken by Chris Howell.