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This could be it, folks. Of course, low-fat sounds great, we all want to eat healthy, low-fat food, but not if it means no Mexican food, and until now, that's pretty much what it meant. But last week, Martin's Cocina premiered its new low-fat menu. Martin's offers about a dozen low-fat items--including stuffed zucchini, chicken with vegetables, a seafood platter, stacked chicken enchiladas, spinach enchiladas, even cheese and onion enchiladas, and chile rellenos made with steamed peppers, breaded and baked in an oven. Chips are baked, the natural brown rice is steamed, and the beans contain no fat whatsoever. Owner Martin Zisman wanted to lose weight himself and decided this was the way to do it. He has been working with Baylor staff to get the fat and calories down. Enjoy!

Martin's Cocina, 7726 Ferguson, 319-8834.

--Mary Brown Malouf