Boys Named Sue

Don't let John Pedigo—or any of the Sues, really—fool you with their fronts about being a tongue-in-cheek, good-time party band content to simply perform goofy songs about drinking and partying and hanging out and, well, all that. Because while, OK, there's a lot—a lot—of that on this disc, there's more going on here. Maybe not all that much more, but more nonetheless.

See, once you get past the open stupidity of tracks like "You Just Got Sued!," "Weekend Warriors" and "Texas Texas Texas," there's some actual feelings and sentiment to be heard on this disc—stuff somewhat akin to Pedigo's other outfit, The O's, and probably moreso than he'd like to admit. "Pine Mills, TX" just might be the sweetest, most nostalgic song Pedigo's penned, more appropriately arranged than any of his O's songs. Same goes for "Whiskey Talkin'," the album opener and best example of the way in which the Sues use alcohol to mask the feelings hidden underneath their otherwise rowdy sound.

Sounds kinda like life in that regard. And for that reason, the Sues are probably due more credit than even they think they deserve.