Power Trip

Seemingly out of nowhere comes this rock-solid EP from Power Trip, a relatively new quintet of disgruntled youth. By channeling old-school punk and metal influences into its riff-laden roar, Power Trip achieves a remarkable balance of chaos and actual melody on this release, called Armageddon Blues.

Led by vocalist Riley Gale (who actually sings instead of screams, go figure), the band makes its way through the five cuts of Armageddon Blues with nary a wasted note. Beginning with the omnipotent title cut and thundering through such tracks as "The Evil Beat" and "Lake of Fire," Gale and crew pound away like the evil stepsons of Henry Rollins and Dave Mustaine.

Like any metal band, Power Trip probably changes gears a little too often. But once the band settles into a groove, the pleasures it offers are plentiful. Mercifully, the band stays clear of sub-genres such as death metal or screamo, concentrating instead on a steady diet of Bad Brains, Cro-Mags and Agnostic Front.

Considering the youth of the members of Power Trip, the band's reach and grasp of history is remarkable. With this EP, Power Trip takes its place as one of the premier metal acts in the area.