Nocturnal Admissions

Most everyone--of legal drinking and deeding age, anyway--has experienced a lapse in memory concerning the proverbial night before. Of course, an actual split personality, a la Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, would make that blackout all the more mysterious...whether you're the one with said split or just a seemingly innocent puppet involved in Dr. J and Mr. H's shenanigans. Go ahead and take that last sentence literally. We're talking actual puppets. Dirty puppets. Sordid, irreverent, laugh-out-loud puppets. Or maybe it's the puppeteers that are dirty? Maybe it's Matthew Posey, the directorial mastermind behind the Bunraku-based Coppertone series. The latest edition, Coppertone V: Dr. Jackalong and Mr. Heineken--wherein Coppertone ponders good versus evil as he reflects as much as a man-sized puppet can reflect on a blackout--features street musicians, a local working girl and a frenemy (all in puppet forms) getting away with...well, let's hope ol' Coppertone finds out and it wasn't too embarrassing. Or offensive. Or blackmail-worthy. Wait, what are we saying? As much as we love Coppertone, we're relying on The Ochre House crew to deliver on at least one of those elements for his forgotten night. The show opens June 12 and runs 8:15 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays through July 3 at the Ochre House, 825 Exposition Ave. Admission is $15 (cash or check). Call 214-826-6273 for reservations, and visit for info.
Wednesdays-Saturdays, 8:15 p.m. Starts: June 12. Continues through July 3, 2010