Oh Condi, Condi

My mother always told me that it's not polite to talk about politics in certain circles. I feel that my mom taught me well, and I've spent many an evening on the patio of the Lakewood Landing sitting in a corner, watching friends duke it out over healthcare reform while I nurse a Miller Lite and keep to myself like you wouldn't believe. Avoiding hot-button political conversations at work and during certain social events (weddings, baby showers, etc.) is also a good idea. I'm thinking it's also best to keep politics out of Mother's Day celebrations, too, but that may prove challenging when you consider that the keynote speaker at the Genesis Women's Shelter Mother's Day Luncheon is Condoleezza Rice. For those of you who have trouble divorcing the woman from her political affiliations, perhaps it is best to just consider Rice as a super well-educated, well-read and well-traveled woman who has interacted with some of the most interesting people in the world. Clear your head of thoughts of war and instead, think about how Rice really blazed trails for women who aspire to make a difference in government. And above all else, remember that Rice's appearance benefits the Genesis Women's Shelter. All those factors combined make the luncheon, held at the Hilton Anatole (2201 Stemmons Fwy) a hot ticket for moms of all political persuasions. Individual seats start at $500. Visit genesisshelter.org for more information.
Fri., May 7, 2010