He Hates These Cans!

When the revolution comes and celebrities are lined up against the wall, most of them will be in big trouble. Steve Martin, however, will have nothing to worry about. With a few notable exceptions (Bringing Down the House, anyone?), Steve Martin has proven to be one of the most consistently funny human beings on the planet. From his comedy albums and television appearances to dozens of bizarrely hilarious film roles, Martin helped usher in a new age of hip, innovative comedy. The one achievement that will be writ large in the history books, however, is a little film from 1979 called The Jerk. Few movies before or since have elicited more laughs per square inch than this ridiculous work of genius. The character of Navin R. Johnson is a brilliantly performed idiot savant laugh machine who just gets funnier over time. Any viewer is guaranteed to leave this film with a brain full of quotes and eyes full of happy tears. Come discover your "special purpose" as Landmark's Inwood Theatre unleashes The Jerk Friday and Saturday at midnight. Admission is $10. Visit landmarktheatres.com for information.
Fri., Feb. 5; Sat., Feb. 6, 2010