Su Nombre Es Dora!

The most entertaining impression of that backpacking, pageboyed, ever-jubilant princess of interrogation they call Dora the Explorer! was created by Robert Smigel on SNL's TV Funhouse. Little Dora-like Maraka and her pal Mittens saved a penguin baby, spoke in languages ranging from Mandarin-ish to faux-Xhosa (the African clicking language), questioned Robert Blake's guilt and Mittens' free will. Find it on the Internet and watch it because the Dora you'll meet at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington on Thursday will do none of those things...but that's OK because she's there for meeting the kiddos and not me, a cynical, sarcastic non-parent who resents having Dora's haircut as a child. Nick Jr. presents Dora the Explorer! at the Back Porch Stage from 1 to 3 p.m. Free with park admission. Visit (buy tickets online and all pay kids' prices of $31).
Thu., June 25, 1-3 p.m., 2009