The Screen Is Spinning

Alfred Hitchcock's twisted psychological thriller Vertigo is a strange and wondrous film, a bit of a departure from Rear Window and The Man Who Knew Too Much. In fact, most critics at the time called it "too slow" and were basically weirded out by the twisted and overtly sexual subject matter. When it was re-released in 1983, however, critics and audiences alike slobbered over the film like overheated St. Bernards. Once again, it was the French who rediscovered and championed this remarkable movie. We all know that those wacky Europeans treat cinema like art and that legendary French director, Francois Truffaut, was a huge Hitchcock fan. These facts helped give Vertigo the respect it so justly deserves. Now, in honor of the late Jimmy Stewart's birthday, The Belmont Hotel Free Poolside Movie Night is screening Vertigo on Wednesday at sunset. Bring your blanket and your appetite for twisted cinematic bliss and enjoy one of the best films of the 20th century under the stars. Plus it's free and The Belmont patio has one of the best views of the Dallas skyline anywhere in town. This is a don't-miss event, so...uh...don't miss it, folks. Visit
Wed., May 20, 2009