Blanket Flicks

If you're going to go see a movie in an outdoor venue, like, say...a park, it's best to choose a film that is more style than substance. Because ultimately, you're not really going for the movie, and anything but fluff is going to kill the vibe and make it impossible to enjoy your surroundings. Imagine trying to watch The Reader at The Arboretum or something. Incongruity would be the least of the problems at that viewing. No, indeed...fluffy familiarity is the key to the outdoor screening. Our friends at Watters Creek at Montgomery Farm, 970 Garden Park Drive in Allen, are clearly hip to this and have planned a perfect movie outing with all the right elements at their screening of Viva Las Vegas, beginning around 7:45 p.m. Thursday. You've got your beloved superficiality, along with eye-popping Technicolor and gaudy dance numbers to catch your eye. And of course, there are the songs we all know and love, including the titular hit and "The Lady Loves Me." And, honestly, nothing says fun like the sizzling (yet kitschy) pairing of Ann-Margret and old swivel-hips himself, Elvis Presley. Grab your blanket and lawn chairs and hit the grass for a movie that'll make a perfect outdoor memory. The event is free, and dinner is available from the Woodlands American Grill at special pricing. Visit for more information.
Thu., May 14, 2009