Full Mooney

Any fan of quality comedy television will instantly recognize Paul Mooney as the "Ask a Black Dude" sage or "Negrodamus" from the funniest show in decades, Chapelle's Show, a TV show so dangerously hilarious that it amassed a die-hard cult following the likes of which hasn't been seen since Twin Peaks. Before these amazing performances, Paul Mooney was a key writer for several iconic black comedians. He wrote extensively for Richard Pryor as well as Redd Foxx and the groundbreaking show In Living Color. Mooney has been the voice for several generations of young, black comedians, and he brings that voice to the Addison Improv this Thursday through Sunday. Tickets are $20. Visit improv.com.
Thu., April 16; Fri., April 17; Sat., April 18; Sun., April 19, 2009