For Puck's Sake

The Stars' season has, so far, seen a bit of the ol' back-and-forth, the win-and-lose, the come-and-go. Stats notwithstanding and because I'm feeling a little excited that it's chilly and it's hockey season (yeah, me and three other people, I know), I'm going to give you a "hat trick," so to speak, of reasons why you should join me at the game coming up at 5 p.m. Sunday. One: Your Dallas Stars are playing the Edmonton Oilers. They've fared only slightly better than we have this year so, fingers crossed, it shouldn't be a slaughter, but a solid game both ways. Two: You can wear a hockey jersey to the game. In other words, a game is the only time fan-ship outweighs flattering clothing, and it's acceptable to indulge. Don't waste your opportunity. Three: Don't make me call you a fairweather fan. Watch the Stars kick some ice at the American Airlines Center Sunday. To take a shot at some tickets, call 214-GO-STARS or visit
Sun., Nov. 30, 5 p.m., 2008