Ice-Cold Merchandising

I remember a lot about my one and only Disney on Ice event...except for distinct details about the actual performance. It was Aladdin: On Ice, and when I think back a flash of baby blue streams across my mind, presumably Princess Jasmine's attire. I also see a very large head and goofy shoes belonging to the Genie. I enjoyed a blue icy slushy thing--but it was crunchy and chunky, not smooth and slurpy. It may have been red...or red and blue, shit, the memory is fading...purple? I do recall that dad bought me a beautiful gold princess headpiece. The kind shaped like a cone with a scarf coming out the end. I also got to take home my very own stuffed version of Abu. My dogs liked him too--his ear anyway. You can make your own memories with Disney On Ice: Disneyland Adventure at the Fort Worth Convention Center Wednesday, November 26, through Sunday. It's sure to be treasured, at least until the new Hannah Montana movie comes out and trumps all the brain space previously used for storing ice-dancing memories. Tickets are $15 to $60 and are available at 214-373-8000 or
Nov. 26-30, 2008