Total T.O.

I love me some Terrell Owens. Hiding behind a set of diamond earrings that would make Elizabeth Taylor gnash her teeth in jealousy is a sensitive man who cries publicly on behalf of his teammates, plans ahead enough to keep a Sharpie in his sock just in case he needs it, and thoughtfully choreographs end zone celebrations for the benefit of his fans. And not only is he a sensitive guy, he's a frickin' machine. Google a picture of the man shirtless, and I guarantee that you'll be budgeting for an Ab-Lounger ASAP. Luckily for us all, T.O. has written a book to clue the rest of us in to the how-tos of the hard body. Screw Oprah, I'm doing what T.O. says. Mr. "Get Your Popcorn Ready" himself will be signing copies of his new book, T.O's Finding Fitness: Making the Mind, Body and Spirit Connection for Total Health at Barnes & Noble, 7700 W. Northwest Highway, at 4 p.m. Tuesday. Call 214-739-1124.
Tue., Sept. 30, 4 p.m., 2008