Mr. Minimal

Glass: brittle, transparent substance made by fusing sand over 70 years with offbeat Western classical, mathematics, philosophy and Ravi Shankar. The rare Philip Glass, that is. America's influential composer of "sonic weather" will perform at the Musician and Composer series meet-and-greet at the Nasher Sculpture Center this Thursday, but tickets sold out quicker than a Beatles' reunion tour, so whisper your hopes to the waiting list at 214-242-5108. While you're on hold, here's some Glass motifs: critically acclaimed as "The Last Romantic," he drove a taxi in NYC in the '70s, appeared on Saturday Night Live in 1986, his favorite movie is Roger Corman's Bucket of Blood and he's a "Jewish-Taoist-Hindu-Toltec-Buddhist." Visit
Thu., April 17, 2008