Green Gloves

Hey, Neil Sperry, Texas horticulture guy, do you have an evil twin brother? Maybe, in producing your annual All Texas Garden Show, coming Friday through Sunday to the Arlington Convention Center, you've run across some shady types? I don't mean a tree here. I need a plant hit man. Oh, sure. You deal in the growing side of the horticultural biz with a show offering more than 200 vendors and experts with tips on gardening and landscaping. How nice. I've given up on growing anything in Texas myself, but, see, I have this damn wild mulberry tree that won't die no matter how much I poison it. So maybe you could help a brother score a little Agent Orange on the sly. What? You're not that kind of gardener? Hey, just asking. Guess I'll just call 1-800-654-1480 or visit to see what I can find. Thanks for nothing, square.
Feb. 29-March 2, 2008