The Greatest Outdoors

The Texas Fishing, Hunting and Outdoors Show claims to be "THE GREATEST OUTDOORS SHOW IN TEXAS," which is suspicious because I'm pretty sure "THE GREATEST OUTDOORS SHOW IN TEXAS" includes me, six to eight cans of High Life, a headlamp and 45 minutes of trying to find a tree to pee on near Joe Pool Lake. I'm just sayin', you've got competition, Texas Fishing, Hunting and Outdoors Show. Maybe want to bring it down a little, like, "best place for folks who think sitting still, freezing, in a boat at 5 a.m. is a blast." Featured seminars are on "worm fishing" and "what's your favorite bait?" Plus Saturday is ladies' day, so if you love the smell of fish in all areas of your life, don't miss it. The show runs Thursday through Sunday at the Arlington Convention Center, 1200 Ballpark Way in Arlington. Admission is $3 to $8. Kids under 5 are free. Visit
Jan. 10-13, 2008