Golden Boys

For pretty much as long as I've been watching football, Brett Favre has been just about the coolest guy in the NFL. Whether it's his cameo appearance in There's Something About Mary, his ever-present three-day beard or the time he threw for four touchdowns and nearly 400 yards the day after his father died, we as fans are continually reminded of just how awesome the guy is, whether we like the Packers or not (and we really don't). Unfortunately for Mr. Favre, being cool will only get you so far in life, and I'm pretty sure it won't get him past the Dallas Cowboys when the Green Bay Packers come to town for a battle of the NFC heavyweights 7:15 p.m. Thursday at Texas Stadium. For tickets, consult your favorite scalper, as this game is sold out.
Thu., Nov. 29, 7:15 p.m., 2007