Three Times the Art

Conduit Gallery's current exhibitions feature three artists whose works bring to light those uncomfortable, embarrassing or intensely personal acts that are either performed in the dark or perhaps ought to be. Sex, politics, religion, reading, writing and watching movies are the themes of art works by New Yorker Annabel Daou, recent Dallasite Stephen Lapthisophon and Brooklynite Raul Vincent Enriquez. Daou's and Enriquez's installations (respectively titled Sex & Politics and …and Religion) seem to dovetail in their themes, though their media could hardly be more different. She created 101 small drawings based on text from spam e-mail, while he created a video and sound installation staged at a five-course dinner with hosts charming guests through a conversational minefield. Lapthiscophon's candle drawings and text collages (Writing Art Cinema 1977-2007) span the 30 years he lived in Chicago. The exhibits hang through November 24 at Conduit Gallery, 1626-C Hi Line Dr., Dallas. Call 214-939-0064.
Oct. 19-Nov. 24, 2007