Market-Tested, Dubya Approved

Of all the things you need to know about Brooks and Dunn, the most important is that George W. Bush is a huge fan. Like, "my campaign song is by Brooks and Dunn" huge. Brooks and Dunn is to W like Fleetwood Mac is to Bill Clinton. Fleetwood Mac could have never evoked such patriotic, blue-collar fervor as did the country duo. Who needs a coked-up anthem like "Don't Stop" when a down-home country stomper such as "Hard Workin' Man" or "Only in America" will do your talking for you? Another important factoid about Brooks and Dunn is that they were responsible for that "Boot Scootin' Boogie" song. You would need to know that going into a concert situation, or you're liable to be trampled when the guys fly into the first chords of this mega-hit. Also, Brooks and Dunn have mustaches that are damn near mythical in their quality. I could go on forever, but seeing is believing, and you can catch the men who have won the Country Music Award for best vocal duo every year since 1992 (except for pesky 2000) yourself during their appearance tonight. Alan Jackson, also sporting a mighty mustache, will open for the lauded boot scooters, who perform at the Smirnoff Music Centre in Fair Park. Head to for tickets.
Sat., Sept. 8