Never-ending Story

On the flip side of "Never Again," the vow to prevent another Holocaust, is "again and again." Over and over, survivors tell their stories, lest they be reduced to mere statistics. For me, the Holocaust was a junior high history assignment, numbers and camp names to memorize, concluded with a lesson about tolerance. Six million something, Auschwitz something, Zyklon something. A class trip to the Dallas Holocaust Museum shook me out of that nonchalant attitude towards the tragedy. I learned more from the horrifying tales of one survivor than from our entire textbook. William and Rosalie Schiff, who now live in Dallas and teach at the Dallas Holocaust Museum, tell their story in William & Rosalie, coauthored with Craig Hanley. The Schiffs were a young Polish couple who not only managed to survive the Krakow ghetto and the ghoulish experiments and absurdly random executions of the death camps, but somehow reunited after their forcible separation. They will discuss and sign copies of William & Rosalie 7 p.m. Wednesday, at Borders Preston/Royal, 10720 Preston Road. Call 214-363-1977.
Wed., Sept. 26, 7 p.m., 2007