Grunts and Giggles

Defending the Caveman is the longest running solo play in Broadway history at two years. It's about male/female relations with comedic insights on feminism, masculinity and the naughty bits of both parties in the light of amateur anthropology, prehistory, psychology, sociology and mythology. The play is not so much a tool-fest (a la Tim Allen) but instead star Isaac Lamb simultaneously bashes and celebrates the "women buy shoes and gossip and men hog the remote control and don't ask for directions" stereotypes. It's the sort of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus type stuff, and even Venus Mars author John Gray said the show is "Absolutely brilliant!" So there ya go. Go ahead and cave in when the play runs Tuesday through August 12 at The Majestic Theatre. Tickets are $45 to $50 by phone at 214-631-ARTS (2787) or online at Visit for further information.
Aug. 7-12