Legendary Laughs

Here's the thing that sucks when you have to write about someone legendarily funny: There's not enough time or space to cover everything, and you'll never truly do the subject justice. Take Lily Tomlin, for example. She's giving a solo performance, An Evening of Classic Lily Tomlin, at the Meyerson Symphony Center, 2302 Flora St., 8 p.m. Monday. Now, I could discuss 5 ½-year-old, lolly-loving Edith Ann, Ernestine the telephone operator, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, All of Me and The Player. But then I'd have no room to mention Nine to Five, Laugh-In, Short Cuts and I Heart Huckabees. What of the awards? Her prolific career is peppered with Grammys, Tonys and Emmys. See what I mean? There's no way, in 150 words, that I can detail the stomach muscles sore from laughter, Tomlin's inspiration for women wanting to be comedians or the fact that the only way my mother could get me to take a nap when I was young was by plying me with impressions of Edith Ann. I suppose you'll just have to experience the magic of Lily Tomlin for yourself Monday. Tickets are $10 to $85. Call 214-528-5576.
Mon., Feb. 13, 8 p.m.