Screen Steelers

It's tough to get pumped about a Super Bowl that we actually had a shot at attending. Honestly, the NFC was an utter crapshoot this year, and if Par-sell-out hadn't blown a few early games this season with "let's, uh, wait and hold out" coaching "strategies," the perfectly capable Dallas Cowboys would have at least made a dent in the first round of the playoffs if not the big game. But enough sour grapes; the Seattle Seahawks didn't surprise anybody by taking their lead in the NFC West all the way to the Super Bowl, and the Pittsburgh Steelers' permanent underdog status (along with the potential final year for Jerome "The Bus" Bettis) have made their rise as interesting a non-steroid story as the world of sports has seen in recent memory. And even if you don't care about either team, you're still going to watch, so why not at least enjoy the zany commercials on an incredibly large screen? Like, say, the one at the Granada Theater, 3524 Greenville Ave., which will also pump out loud surround sound and lots of food and drink. Entry is free. Tables may be reserved in advance. Call 214-824-9933.
Sun., Feb. 5