Masked and Misunderstood

What's sooo terribly unsettling about a burn victim who can really blow a tune who prefers to keep to himself (sort of) and live under an opera house? Nothing...until he has to go and turn completely illogical. After all, who wouldn't fashion a pasty, nightmare-inducing mask to cover up those scars and then sing to young women from behind walls, curtains, catwalks, dressing rooms and shadows in general? This guy's increasingly unstable state of mind surely had nothing to do with all those folks searching for the "monster," brandishing torches at a guy that's already disfigured and living a life of seclusion. Yeah, it's totally his fault. He's gotta be craaaaaazy. In fact, he's so scary, let's call him the Phantom of the Opera.

Over the years we've felt nothing but more and more sadness for the Phantom. Years go by and nothing gets any better for him. So he "haunts" actors and actresses a little. He's just bored. So he lures a young innocent into the shadows. He's just lonely. So he tries to destroy his romantic competition. OK, fine, so he's really lonely. Poor thing, all he wanted was a little catacomb lovin' from a foxy soprano. Don't believe us? See for yourself at 8 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays and 2 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays at the Music Hall at Fair Park. Tickets are $18 to $71. Call 214-631-ARTS or visit
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