The Main Thing

There's nothing quite like sitting on a hill of snow, eating a corny dog in the heat of a Texas summer. I think the Grapevine city fathers were sippin' in the wine cellar while they planned this year's Main Street Festival. But, they deserve some credit because they managed to pack a week's worth of activities into one weekend event. There's food, animals, music, thrills and, did I mention, a toboggan track? For starters they're teasing our cholesterol levels with Kansas City pork ribs and tamales at Gaylord pavilion and good old carnival fare throughout the grounds, but sweet-talking the health crowd with veggie wraps, salads and smoothies. It's not an American festival without the animals: Clydesdale horses, Elsie the cow, snakes, wild birds—including flights of eagles and falcons—and 40 other exotic animals featured at the KidZone and Fort Worth Zoo Wild Wonders Shows. For your adrenaline workouts there are BMX stunts, a scuba exhibit, rock-climbing, bungee-jumping...on and on it goes. See what I mean? The Festival runs Friday through Sunday in Grapevine's Cotton Belt Railroad District (700 block of South Main Street). Tickets are $6 and $3. Admission is free from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday. Call 817-410-3185 or visit
May 19-21