Just Like Heaven

I don't fish but can spend a happy afternoon ogling tackle in a sporting goods store. Don't do woodworking, but that tool section at Home Depot? I'm the kid in a candy store. Guns, auto parts, camping equipment, electronics—hell, sewing machines—it's all the same. You may know someone similar. We are the gear-heads, and we keep this economy moving. If you wish to see a whole herd of us, check out the 29th Annual Dallas International Guitar Show and MusicFest this Friday through Sunday at Dallas Market Hall. Billed as "the world's largest and oldest guitar show," it includes tons of live music, contests and a section called Drum World—"14,000 square feet of anything and everything related to drums," the organizers say. In other words: gear, gear, GEAR. Vintage guitars. Amps. Memorabilia. All of it set to the sound of screaming guitar music, including an All-Star Jam on Saturday night. Throw in a few bikini-clad babes and some monster trucks, and it'd be gear-head nirvana. Tickets for those 11 and older are $16 for one day, $25 for two and $35 for all three days. All tickets are available at the door. Call 972-260-4201 or visit www.guitarshow.com.
April 21-23