A Jubilant Journey

The name Homer sucks. In the history of the world only two men of any significance have had the misfortune of being named Homer. One is a yellow cartoon idiot and the other posthumously bores English classes throughout the nation with his ridiculously long books. But this weekend the Jubilee Theatre in Fort Worth will be helping the people who slept through Homer's classic The Odyssey in high school by offering a more entertaining version—a musical, no less. The Jubilee version will still follow Odysseus on his journey home amid various monsters and seductive beauties but will also feature solos from the sexy sirens and a monologue from the ugly Cyclops. A preview of the performance takes place Friday and performances run July 21 through August 20. Call 817-338-4411 or visit jubileetheatre.org.
Fri., July 14; Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: July 14. Continues through Aug. 20