Loose Is Fast

Are you tired of watching your Days of Thunder laserdisc, wondering when you'll get your chance to drive recklessly fast and loose? When you fly, do you often feel the need, the need for speed? Have you been doing "The Hippy Hippy Shake" when you make your Cocktails? Has your vampire daughter been—wait, sorry. I got sidetracked on a Tom Cruise tangent. Stupid body thetans...Anyway, the racing part is totally doable. You can Rev It Up with Chevrolet's touring driving school, featuring professional instructors, professional race cars, plenty of opportunities to challenge your buddies and tons of driving tips that, frankly, most of you dipshits on 75 could benefit from. Rev It Up claims to be the "best run, funnest [sic], biggest and most affordable performance driving school and national racing competition...[o]n the planet." I don't know about "funnest" but it seems fairly priced. For $40 to $50 you can register for five skills clinics, three of which include track time on a course. Plus there's go-kart racing and "hot laps" in the passenger seat of a Corvette Z06, both for $10 each. When's the last time you got "hot laps" for 10 bucks? Rev It Up Driving School comes to Grand Prairie's Lone Star Park at 1000 Lone Star Parkway, on Saturday and Sunday. Register online at revitupracing.com.
July 29-30, 7 a.m.