Allred, All Knowing

Gloria Allred belongs to that odd subset of celebrities whose fame comes from dispensing opinions on topics they know nothing about. One of the more irritating television commentators just white of Starr Jones—I've heard her speak dozens of times and can't recall a single provocative thought—Allred never turns down an opportunity to talk about the legal case du jour, from O.J. to Amber. One suspects she'd pontificate about the legal issues surrounding a disputed parking ticket if a Court TV camera happened to be in her considerable air space. Allred serves as the guest speaker at a luncheon for Attorneys Serving the Community. The luncheon, which benefits homeless families, takes place at the Dallas Hilton Anatole Hotel at noon on Friday. Tickets are $100. Call 214-823-4500, ext. 112 or visit
Fri., June 23, noon