Indomitable—and intimidating—Sarah

In 1896, when Dallas icon Sarah T. Hughes was born, women didn't even have the vote. When she graduated from a girls' college, the only profession open to women was schoolteacher. Hughes did that two years and said phooey. In 1919, she enrolled in George Washington University, studying law at night and working as a police officer during the day. To get to class she had to row across the Potomac. A feminist leader, legislator and federal judge, Hughes is best known for swearing in LBJ after Kennedy's assassination. She lived to be 88 and simply reading a list of her accomplishments makes me want to go and lie down. Hear Darwin Payne talk about his new book, Indomitable Sarah: The Life & Times of Dallas’ Own Judge Sarah T. Hughes, Wednesday at Great Hall, Highland Park United Methodist Church, 3300 Mockingbird Lane. A dinner is offered ($8) at 5:30 p.m. and the free presentation at 7 p.m. For dinner reservations, call 214-523-2240.
Wed., June 28, 7 p.m.