Low-Key Funny

Todd Barry is tolerant: "I like cilantro, but you don't have to." You'll find this quote and others among the "Great Todd Barry Quotes" on toddbarry.com. His tolerance of cilantro aside, this "great quote" and its characterization as such illustrate the kind of funny Todd Barry is: dry, clever, a little bit silly and perfectly understated. What I mean by that is you won't see Barry throwing around rubber chickens onstage, or tearing off his pants, or doing an impersonation of his immigrant relatives. You won't hear him using a catchphrase, either—Todd is not one to "git" anything done. You will, however, hear extremely funny stories in his unmistakably "medium energy" voice about his dislike of fruit, the use of Roe v. Wade as a pickup line and the lackluster street team efforts of certain promoters. I asked Barry about his latest tour, which he begins right here in Dallas, making two more stops in Texas before heading west. "I have three days off after my Texas shows," he told me. "So I'll either have a relaxing solitary road trip experience, or more likely, go out of my mind." I'm guessing either way, he'll have something funny to say about it. Todd Barry performs (with local favorite the Dutch Treats) at midnight (doors open at 9 p.m.) Thursday at the Cavern, 1914 Greenville Ave. Tickets are $8. Call 214-828-1914 or visit thecaverndallas.com.
Thu., March 8