Strings And Things

What music lover would miss a chance to hear Beethoven and Mozart play a double bill? On Saturday, a 21st-century version of this once-in-a-lifetime feast of instrumental finesse will take place right here at the Meyerson Symphony Center. For $150 or $250 a ticket, you will hear two of the best contemporary string virtuosos, Yo-Yo Ma and Joshua Bell (and help raise money for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra's community and education outreach), at Soul Strings, the 2006 AT&T Gala. (For $1,000, you can meet Yo-Yo and Joshua before the concert and get in on a raffle for a $20,000 diamond, pearl and sapphire necklace, then dine and dance—wearing your new necklace, no doubt—after the symphony. But that's icing the fiddle.) Anyone who has had the privilege of hearing these two world-renowned multi-Grammy winners perform knows the magic of their diverse talents and down-to-earth personalities. Their bios include Hollywood (Red Violin and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and TV (West Wing and Sesame Street), Appalachian hoedowns and Chinese Silk Roads—Ma playing his beloved cello, Petunia, and Bell on his 300-year-old Stradivarius, Gibson ex Hubermann. Call 214-692-0203 or visit
Sat., Oct. 14