Bright Idea

Switching the lights on and off really quickly—this is what most of us call experimenting with light. Starting Friday night, the 6th Annual MindFest returns to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, 1501 Montgomery Street, to expand your definition of light experimentation with "Trip the Light Fantastic!" At 8 p.m. Friday, see the brain-stretching film festival. At 9 p.m., see Mission Giant, an art rock band that'll blow your synth-pop mind with clever use of a Casio and a Speak & Spell. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, try Interactive Light Painting, Stomp Rockets, Digital Spirographing, playing with stop-motion animation, making ice sing, building an electromechanical bug or dismantling a car (just because). Friday, MindFest is free. Saturday, admission is free for museum members, and for non-members it's $8 for adults, $7 for the kids and Grandma. Call 817-255-9540 or visit
Fri., Sept. 8; Sat., Sept. 9