The Prestige

He made the Statue of Liberty vanish. He levitated over the freakin' Grand Canyon. He was knighted by the French government. Four nations pay tribute to him on their postage. He owns an island in the southern Bahamas where he says he's discovered a fountain of youth that brings dead leaves back to life and promises he'll use it to make Britney hot again. His name is David Copperfield. And you want him bad. He's the best magician ever. Screw that David Blaine asshat who breathes underwater. I hate that guy. If I wanted to see a fish, I'd go to an effing aquarium. I came here to see some good old-fashioned magicky magic. I want white doves and flourishes. I want to ooh and aah as he says, "Screw you, gravity!" and flies over my totally blown mind. And no poseur David will do. So, if you're ready to see some crazy shit at 1 p.m., 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. this Sunday, fork over some cash to see David "Badass Flying, Vanishing, Island-Owning Magicman" Copperfield disappear and reappear at The Majestic Theatre, 1925 Elm St. in downtown Dallas. Tickets are $29.50 to $52.50. Call 214-880-0137 or visit
Sun., March 11, 1, 4 & 7 p.m.