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With the widespread prevalence of Photoshop and other image-manipulation programs, anyone can create a photomontage these days. Once upon a time this wasn't the case: Berlin dada artists were the first to experiment with photomontage during World War I, blending several images together by hand to make compelling visual (and sometimes political) statements. Legacy of Photomontage: Engineering the Photograph, a new exhibit now on display at UTD, collects examples of photomontage from several digitally aided modern artists, including Yoon Cho, Enrique Fernández Cervantes, Carolina Kile, Stephen Marc and Gordon Young. From the looks of their work, it's hard to tell what has influenced these photomontagers more—the collected works of Salvador Dali or the video for Enigma's "Return to Innocence." Judge for yourself Monday through Saturday in the main gallery of UTD's Visual Arts building, 2601 N. Floyd Dr. in Richardson. Call 972-883-2787 or visit ah.utdallas.edu.
March 19-24