Silver Balls

How come nothing truly awesome gets invented anymore? When do we get the goods? What we really need are TVs that spit stuff out. Remember in Tommy, the rock opera, when the TV gives that lady free samples of all the products being advertised? I want that! But we have to be able to choose what we get because I don't want a living room full of dog food or toilet bowl cleaner. Scientist-types, get to work! As for the rest of you, take a cue from Tommy and be a pinball wizard at the Texas Pinball Festival this weekend. It's going on at Hilton DFW Lakes, 1800 Highway 26 East in Grapevine. Tickets are $30 for a weekend pass, $15 for Friday or Saturday only and $7 for Sunday only. (For the kids, it's only $20 for a weekend pass, $8 Friday or Saturday and $5 Sunday.) There'll be tournaments and pinball machines galore, and all play is free once you get your ticket at the door. Call 214-632-5537 or visit
March 23-25