Soft Sell

It appears Bosque Café, the restaurant composed in the arts district by longtime restaurateur Edgar Watson, has closed after its doors had been open for just a week. Watson, who launched a small string of restaurants in the Dallas area over the years including Adriano's in the Quadrangle (where Dream Café is now), Acapella on Maple, and Adagio Café in Frisco, couldn't be reached for comment. But a source says he ran out of cash, and the restaurant's phone has been disconnected. The modest 70-seat Bosque Café (named for the Texas county somewhere near Waco) on Ross and Leonard across from the Morton Meyerson Symphony Center, had only a green awning to tag the 1920s-era art deco building as a restaurant. According to Watson, the sparsely furnished dining room serving a New American menu stitched with Southwestern rubs, was to open soft--very soft. "We're not really looking to do a massive amount of trade," he said weeks before opening.

Noodle Mogul Jeffrey Yarbrough, founder of Liberty Noodles, Art Bar, Blind Lemon, Club Clearview, and Red, is looking to assemble a new concept at Cedar Springs near Throckmorton. This one, which Yarbrough says will have Asian tones, could be a fast casual concept, though he admits he's still sketching it out. Does it have a name? "No, not until I get the concept finished," Yarbrough insists. "And I still don't have partners yet. And the bank hasn't signed off on it yet." Wonder how he feels about the name Bosque Café...Maybe it's a bold move. Or maybe it's a cynical ploy to turn pommes frites into a Sabbath victual. But Jeroboam is now open for dinner on Sunday, which means people will start migrating downtown Sunday evenings to sip more than just Night Train...Sometimes sipping wine can drive you to craft amusingly terse headlines. To announce the election of Camille McBee of La Buena Vida Vineyards as the first ever female president of the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association, the group came up with this press release headline: "Woman--First Ever to Lead Texas Wineries and Grape Growers to the Next Level.", an "online meal planning and recipe resource," recently released results of a national survey of 1,000 women on the top 10 items found in their refrigerators. Results include milk, butter, eggs, cheese, lettuce, and poultry. Items you won't find in the survey include Bud, salami, Cheez Whiz, leftover Dinty Moore stew, pizza boxes, and batteries. No wonder the genders are on different frequencies.