Fight To The Dino Death

After digging in the dirt with chisels and brushes for hours and days and weeks, a team of paleontologists in Wyoming discovered something that made enduring the sunburns and dust worthwhile. In 2007, the complete skeleton of an Allosaurus was discovered in the 150-million-year-old rock at Dana Quarry in the Morrison Formation. After more digging, they found the prehistoric remains of a Stegosaurus, with its humerus bone almost inside the Allosaurus' mouth. After more studying and some logical thinking, they concluded that these Jurassic period dinosaurs must have died in the midst of mortal combat. The Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary presents Smackdown at Dana Quarry: The Fantastic Find of the Fighting Pair. The real, full-size skeletons of the Allosaurus, named Dracula for its knife-like teeth, and Stegosaurus, named Fantasia for the creepy scene in the 1940s movie, will be on display through October 1 at the Heard Museum, 1 Nature Place in McKinney. The hundreds of bones torn apart by the other have been fit back together and mounted into attack position, so all you have to do is imagine the epic battle. Admission is $9 for adults and $6 for children ages three to 12 and seniors 60 and older. For more information, visit
Aug. 2-Oct. 1, 2010