Doobie Doug

Doug Benson is one of the hardest working men in show business. With a new Comedy Central show, The Benson Interruption, the weekly podcast Doug Loves Movies and a very active stand-up career, he has more irons in the fire than a busy blacksmith. He also finished sixth on NBC's Last Comic Standing in 2007. This might all seem unremarkable, but Benson also happens to be one of the biggest stoners in show business, which he proved with his 2007 documentary Super High Me, in which he smoked weed every day, all day--for 30 days. How does he do it? Well, underneath the haze is one of the quickest and funniest guys working today, who--with a little help from his funny friends and his encyclopedic knowledge of movies--manages to pull it all off time after time. Benson takes the stage Friday and Saturday at Hyena's Fort Worth, 605 Houston St., and closes out the weekend at Hyena's Dallas (in Mockingbird Station) on Sunday. Fans of Benson's podcast will show up with nametags on, ready to play The Leonard Maltin Game. If you aren't so in-the-know, you could try wearing one anyway and see what happens... Tickets are $10 to $15. Visit
Dec. 2-4, 2010