Air Review

Fans of Air Review's swamp-cum-bombast single, "Chasing Corporate" will be taken somewhat aback by the opening track of this impressive, heavily Radiohead-influenced debut. Because, rather than continue along the radio-friendly path of the undoubtedly catchy, clap-along single, album-opener "Exodus" finds Air Review flexing its vocal harmony muscle.

Instruments swirling with near disregard to one another and harmonies stringing them together is indeed the band's best play. "House of All We Left Behind" comfortably incorporates such surging vocal harmonies into an otherwise bombastic, head-bobbing effort. But the true standouts on Landmarks come when as band strays from its radio-aimed format. "Can't See The Sun" is a falsetto-cooed indie pop gem; the best song on the disc, the ambient, intricately arranged album-closer "Jura" hints at a band only scratching the surface of its abilities.

As modern rock debuts go, Landmarks is a sight worth seeing.