Monotonix, Bad Sports

Just months after blowing through Dallas this fall and leaving scattered trash cans and various debris in their wake, Monotonix return to the region again this week to give music fans a loud, sweaty and raw experience that they'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

After their wild performance conduct was met with general disapproval in their hometown of Tel Aviv, Monotonix set forth on a slew of American and European tours to prove to the rest of the world that gym shorts are the only article of clothing you need—just as the band's recent performance at The Loft capably showed. In addition to a brash, in-your-face performance from the band, fans at that last show were treated to a five-minute drunken drum solo from one particularly sloshed female fan (who later had to be escorted out), as well as the band members pouring barrels of trash over each other's heads.

That's just par for the course at Monotonix shows these days, as fans arrive eagerly anticipating what new wild stunts the band will pull off next. And while in many ways Monotonix's bare-bones style of fuzz-filled garage rock is just a small part of what makes their live displays so interesting, it shouldn't be wholly discounted, as it's easily capable of standing on its own as some quality hard rock.

Denton punk rock act Bad Sports will open the show and properly set the mood for the night with their own aggressively fast-paced set.