Say These Names Three Times Fast

If you thought dinosaur names like Styracosaurus and Coelophysis were tongue-twisters, wait till you get a load of the Chinese specimens featured in Chinasaurs, a new exhibit at the Museum of Nature & Science. There's the uber lock-necked Mamenchisaurus, the less-long-necked-but-still-pretty-friggin'-long-necked Jingshangosaurus and the Tuajiangosaurus, a crazier Chinese cousin of the Stegosaurus. Just in case you haven't been reading National Geographic over the past couple decades, here's the scoop: China's been one of the world's hottest paleontological sites for decades now, and some of the most exciting discoveries in the field have been made on Chinese soil, including some 20 species of feathered dinosaurs, which help prove the long held theory that dinosaurs simply evolved to nest in our gutters and shit on our cars rather than dying out completely. See this incredible exhibit for yourself through September 5 at the museum, 1318 S. 2nd Avenue in Fair Park. Admission to Chinasaurs is $15, $14 for seniors 62 and older and students 12 to 17, and $12 for children two to 11. Spring for the Double Dino Deal ($17 to $21) and you'll also get tickets to Sea Rex, an IMAX film about the giant, badass aquatic reptiles that swam the oceans during the reign of the dinosaurs. Call 214-428-5555 or visit
May 26-Sept. 5, 2011