Making Her Mark

Since becoming a popular movement in the 1950s, minimalism has remained a powerful force in fashion, art and architecture. Of course, as with any art movement, there are critics who are quick to attack minimalist art as too simplistic or less meaningful than, say, impressionist or abstract art. But art that's been scaled down or stripped to its most basic form can still have as much meaning as a complex work by de Goya. Dallas native Laura Doughtie creates minimalist works, but the method by which she does this is complex. Doughtie is drawn to organic subjects, and she captures leaves, wood and other natural elements through repetitive mark making with ink on paper. The results are abstract, minimalist works made of complex, smaller pieces. See New Works by Laura Doughtie at Magnolia Gallery inside the Magnolia Theatre, 3699 McKinney Ave., through September 7. The gallery is open daily during theater hours. Admission is free. Call 214-683-9134 or visit
Aug. 4-Sept. 7, 2011