You Call That Sick?

Tom Six, director of The Human Centipede, claims that The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence outdoes its predecessor as "the sickest movie of all time." We certainly hope so, as we actually managed to keep our dinner down during the first Human Centipede film. A deranged doctor sewing three people together mouth-to-anus, forcing the middle and rear segments to feed on the excrement of the relatively lucky front person? Yawn. Come on, it's the season of Halloween. We want something so sick and deranged that it makes us vomit, pass out and wake up only to question whether human life was a grand mistake. THCII:FS has a very meta plot, concerning Martin, a man so obsessed with the first film that he tries to create his own 12-person human centipede, but we're more interested in the gore that, Six gleefully brags, got the film banned in the U.K. Just in case it's as sick as Six boasts, we'll skip the popcorn during the midnight screenings Friday and Saturday (and again October 14 and 15) at the Inwood Theatre, 5458 W. Lovers Lane. Call 214-764-9106.
Oct. 8, midnight; Oct. 14-15, 2011