Magic in the Interim

There’s something magical about watching an artist in the process of creation. And I don’t mean magical in the way that the vitamin guy at Whole Foods meant the other day when he said that probiotics would “work magic” on my child. That ain’t magic. I mean it like Harry Potter, abracadabra, bippity-boppity-boo magical. When you’re not particularly artistic, seeing a painting come together or choreography brought to life or a play enacted onstage is an absolutely mind-blowing event, one that gives you insight into the process of creation in a way you’ve never considered before. It makes you see that amongst the technology and the science and the rubber and the road (and the probiotics) lies a completely non-practical and non-scientific means of expression that makes you reconsider the conventional. And this is what you think about when you see something like Barbara Cassidy’s Interim, a play in which backgrounds morph into each other and incantations are evoked, all to elevate mundane questions about identity and control. SMU’s Meadow’s Theatre presents Interim at the Owen Fine Arts Center, 6101 Bishop. Shows are at 8pm on Wednesday, February 22; Saturday, February 25; and Thursday, March 1, with 2 p.m. performances February 25 and March 4. Tickets are $13 for adults, $10 for seniors, and $7 for SMU students, faculty and staff. Contact 214-768-ARTS for more information.
Wed., Feb. 22; Sat., Feb. 25; Thu., March 1; Sun., March 4, 2012