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As Chandler would put it: Could there be any more bagels in Dallas? Yes, there could, I answer, and you'll be glad there are. Benny's Hearth-Baked Bagels was founded by three twentysomething ex-corporate climbers who followed their feeling about the bagel business. Benny's claims to be, and seems to be, "the most authentic bagel in Dallas." This bagel, modeled on a famous Vancouver bagelmeister's bagel, is boiled, not steamed, then cooked on real hearthstones. Benny's sells them plain, in a dozen flavors, and as the base for a variety of sandwiches. The latest Benny's is in Las Colinas, at 4835 N. O'Connor; also at 5000 Belt Line Road at the Tollway.

--Mary Brown Malouf