Learn How to Flaunt It

There are people in the world who roll out of their beds each morning, stumble through their closets and manage to throw together an array of patterns, prints, colors and accessories to make An Outfit. These are the people you see at shows and at art openings who stop traffic with their looks and make it seem entirely effortless. And then there are people who study the mannequins at Forever 21 and search in vain for each piece, hoping that they can pull it off just as well as a size 00 neon mannequin. It drives home the point that fashion sense is something of an art -- some of us have it innately, and some of us have to work at it. If you fall into the latter camp, perhaps a glass of Champagne and a front-row seat to the Celebrity Fashion Experience Volume 4 will give you some pointers for your fall and winter wardrobe (never too early to plan, darling). Featuring the work of five up and coming designers, plus the soft opening of the Key Resort and Swimwear line, this event benefits Autism Speaks and lets you look beyond the mannequin. CFE Volume 4 kicks off at 7 p.m. Thursday at Lofty Spaces, 816 Montgomery St. Visit cfeshows4.eventbrite.com for tickets, which run from $40 to $65.
Thu., April 26, 7 p.m., 2012