Method Man vs. Redman: Tale of The Tape

Is there a more beloved duo in hip-hop than Meth and Red? Known for sharp and hilarious contributions to albums like their 1999 collaboration Blackout!, they've also appeared in deodorant commercials, the stoner cult classic How High and even a short-lived Fox show Meth & Red (tagline: "Putting the urban in suburban!").

Indelible pop culture creatures, both are accomplished weed smokers, but their dichotomy is what makes them so much fun. Red has the higher voice, more unkempt appearance and reckless rapping style, while Meth is smoother and more manicured. Plus, their new collaboration, The Blackout 2, is much better than most people expected it to be.

But when the two perform together, who's the real headliner? Once again, it's time to lock up your good kush and check out this tale of the tape...

Best Line on Blackout 2

Method Man: "I can't deal with fickle minds 'cause I'm too official with mine/Put your nose in my notebook and go and sniff you a line," from "I'm Dope Nigga."

Redman: "You can smoke with the bro if you got if you got ass and nice tits/But fuck you with that 'I'm high off of life' shit," from "Dis Iz 4 All My Smokers."

Winner: Red.

Best Television Performance

Method Man: "Omar had one of them Commando squads with him, man," explained Meth's character, Cheese, to his uncle, Proposition Joe. "I mean, he had this one ho pulling guns out her pussy, unc. The shit was unseemly, man." Though his time on the show was brief, Cheese became one of The Wire's most memorable characters.

Redman: His Cribs is without a doubt the best Cribs ever. Coming live from his dilapidated pad in Staten Island, it begins with him lying in a sleeping bag on a fold-out bed, and it only gets better. We're treated to his cramped kitchen, screenless door, Christmas presents and dirty laundry strewn about and a cousin asleep on the floor. "This gives me a feeling that I can move up and get something way bigger than this!" Red exclaims.

Edge: Tie.

Best Beef:

Method Man: When erstwhile hip-hop magazine Vibe published an NCAA-style bracket to determine the best rapper, it seeded Method Man higher than New York City MC Joe Budden, who took to the radio to announce that he, in fact, was superior. Meth respectfully disagreed. "He's been on medication since he was in junior high school," Meth said of Budden.

Redman: Red's gone on record saying he believes that Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle borrowed a little too liberally from How High. "They took our whole style!" he said recently, adding that film studio Universal is dragging its feet on putting out a sequel to his and Meth's stoner classic. "Universal, I need to side-kick you right in the back of your head."

Winner: Meth.

Bonus Points

Method Man: Though both men like their weed, Meth appears to smoke enough to cause bodily harm to Thoroughbreds. He was arrested shortly after stopping to pay a toll in Brooklyn in 2007. When he rolled down his window, the smell nearly did in the toll attendant. "It was like something out of Cheech and Chong," a witness told the New York Daily News. "He rolls down the window and the smoke would choke a horse." (Plus one point.)

Redman: In a new Web series, Red says he wants to be a dental hygienist in the hood. Like, stat. "I would like to open a dental hygienist place where niggas—people—could get they teeth cleaned. Even if they don't have insurance, they could still come in. They'd still have to pay, though, but at least they'd have a clean mouth in the hood. I'm all about helping the hood out." (Plus two points.)

The Winner, by split decision: Redman.